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-PURE COTTON reusable towel , to be use like how we use our paper tissue

-EXTRA THICK material , than many other brand similar item

-bigger pack 100 PIECES and cheaper price,

-tested to be safe even for BABIES

-NO fluorescent agent or any chemical can be seen when you burn the cotton ,chemical infuse material cotton will produce black sooty smoke . only pure clean material will not produce black smoke when burn.

-selected HIGH QUALITY materials, soft and smooth, skin‐friendly and comfortable.

-can be use as SKINCARE cotton , or to be use for HOUSEHOLD or even to be use for changing BABY diaper (wiping their butt )




Material: Pure cotton Quantity: 100 pieces (extra thick )

Size: 20X20CM


Manufacture : China , Guangzhou

YFY Face Towel Disposable Cleaning Towel Pure Cotton Roll Bath towel 100 Sheets


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